In early May 2014, a group of 10 people joined and formed the Powered Team. With love, dedication and perseverance, the Powered Team aims to attend the largest Truck Festivals throughout Greece and abroad. The Powered Team is known for its organization, and already the whole world is happy to accept the whole project.

It's worth mentioning that so far our Facebook page counts more than 9,000 likes. Many are following the Powered Team on Twitter, Google Plus and watching videos on our official Youtube channel.

Powered Team Drawings

Having now established a very good name in the Greek and European markets, we have created clothing with the brand of our Company, which have become a staple from the very first moment.

Powered Team plans include the organization of a Powered Team Festival with inviting trucks from all over Greece and abroad!

We continue our hard work, promising that we will not stop providing top quality services, financially and always with respect to the customer!

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